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Media Release: Protestors to March on Victoria Barracks on Sunday

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4 January 2024 – for immediate release

Free Palestine Melbourne will mark its first rally of 2024 by demanding that the Australian government end its support for Israel’s war of genocide against the people of Gaza. 

On Sunday 7 January at 12pm, protestors will gather at the State Library of Victoria for speeches before marching down Swanston St, across the Yarra and along St Kilda Road to protest outside Melbourne’s Victoria Barracks.

“This is a very dangerous time for Australia,” said Muayad Ali of Free Palestine Melbourne. “Twenty years ago the Howard government joined in the invasion of Iraq at the bidding of the United States and the Australian Israel lobby. Now Israel is doing its best to get America and Australia into another war in the Middle East.  

“We are demanding that the Australia stay out of Israel’s wars and cease its support for the Gaza genocide by halting all arms sales to Israel and all cooperation with the Israeli military.”

Free Palestine Melbourne are confident that public support for Palestine is both broad and deep.

“The Australian Israel lobby can bribe and bully politicians and journalists as much as they like, but this will be the thirteenth peaceful mass rally we’ve had in Melbourne in thirteen weeks. The Australian public are on Palestine’s side and want no part in Israel’s wars,” said Ali.

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