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Wong wisdom

by admin

16 January 2024, Courier-Mail, Letters

Yeah right, Foreign Minister Penny Wong is going to the Middle East to give those Palestinians and Israelis a stern talking to (“Wong’s Mid-East mission of peace”, C-M, Jan 15).

Israel was created by partitioning Palestine the year I was born and the various groups have been at serious odds my entire lifetime.

Before then Muslims, Jews and Christians had got along relatively well, but there has been nothing but trouble since superpower intervention after World War II.

Superpowers started the mess, but they aren’t going to fix it, so what influence Wong expects to exert is problematic.

Arabs and Jews will scrap it out until they resolve it between themselves, which could take a very long time indeed.

Richard Marman, Meridan Plains


I’m sure all parties involved in the Middle East conflicts are looking forward with great expectation to the arrival of Penny Wong and will be hanging on every word she has to say.

Alan Eason, Miami

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Article source: Courier-Mail | Letters | 16 January 2024

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