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UK places sanctions on Israeli settlers for ‘forcing’ Palestinians from their land

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13 February 2024, The Guardian, by Peter Beaumont: The UK has imposed sanctions against four Israeli nationals, saying they were “extremist settlers” who had violently attacked Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The measures impose strict financial and travel restrictions on the four individuals, who Britain said were involved in “egregious abuses of human rights”.


Corbyn shows trial for what it is

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12 January 2024, The Australian: It speaks volumes about the “genocide” charges brought against Israel at the International Court of Justice that South Africa has named the notoriously dotty far-left former leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, as joining its delegation to the Hague.


As Biden warns of wider conflict, Iran’s ‘axis of resistance’ plays with fire

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12 January 2024, The Age, by Roger Shanahan: There are growing fears that the war in Gaza is, to borrow US President Joe Biden’s term, metastasising into a regional conflict. In the past 10 days, a senior leader of Hamas and a senior leader of Hezbollah have been killed in Lebanon by Israeli airstrikes, while a US airstrike killed a senior commander of the Shi’a Popular Mobilisation Forces in Iraq. And a letter signed by a dozen nations, including Australia and New Zealand, warned the Yemeni Houthi movement to end their attacks on shipping and to release detained vessels or face the consequences.