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Powder keg fears

by admin

5 December 2023, Daily Telegraph, Letters

Stand by Australia (Palestine sparks fatal Paris terror attacker, 4/12).

The Israel-Hamas war has stirred the anti-Jewish and pro Palestine reactionaries around the globe and Australia is no exception.

We have a powder keg in this country just waiting for someone with a lit match.

So far the pro-Palestine demonstrations have been relatively peaceful but this can change like the weather.

Right now Israel is stepping up its attacks following the ceasefire (Hamas wipe-out will end this war, 4/12). This was to be expected because Israel is rightly determined to wipe out Hamas.

This will almost certainly excite the pro-Palestinian mob as well as potential Islamic extremists.

As I see it, the likelihood of a terrorist attack on Australian soil has escalated to a point where it is now highly probable.

The question is, what will be the first target: in Sydney or Melbourne?

Both state and federal governments need to act proactively otherwise we will be caught out once again.

John George, Terrigal

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Article source: Daily Telegraph | Letters | 5.12.23

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