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Military Bases Part Of Hamas’s Battle Plans

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6 December 2023, The Australian/The Times, by Richard Spencer

Hamas’s battle plans for its attack on Israel on October 7 show that the terrorists were more ambitious than realised, according to evidence gathered by the Israeli military and disclosed on Monday.

Instructions and maps found on Hamas fighters killed in the ­attacks and in later raids in Gaza suggest that military bases deep inside Israel were among the ­targets.

The plans, some found on laptop computers taken from terrorists’ vehicles and others in notebooks and phones, give instructions to individual units. There are also booklets about ­weaponry including how to strike weak spots on Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles.

The intelligence trove includes maps of Gaza, the Hamas tunnels and command points. These are being used by the Israelis in their current assault. They also give a vivid picture of the intentions during the first days of the attack, when Hamas forces were inside ­Israel.

More evidence has been disclosed after post-mortem examinations on the victims killed inside Israel. These show which atrocity stories are true and which are not.

Research published by Israeli newspaper Haaretz showed that one persistent story, that Hamas fighters beheaded babies, was untrue. In addition, no baby was burnt in an oven, a claim that emerged later. A report that 40 ­babies were found dead also turned out to be false.

According to police sources quoted by Haaretz, a Bedouin Arab pregnant woman was shot in the stomach while on her way to hospital to give birth. She died with her unborn child. Only one baby was murdered: 10-month-old Mila Cohen, who died with her father in Be’eri.

Five children aged between two and six were killed, four by the terrorists and one by a rocket strike. Numerous older children were also killed. Many bodies were burnt, which made the precise circumstances of death initially hard to determine.

The chaos that enveloped Israel on that Saturday led to speculation that Hamas had been more successful than it had expected.

The notebooks found on the bodies contain instructions for kidnapping and killing civilians, including basic Arabic-Hebrew translations.

The fighters had maps of the military bases and kibbutzes they intended to seize, right down to the numbers of individual homes.

One showed the men’s and women’s barracks at Tel Nof, the main air base, south of Tel Aviv. Another base shown was near Be’er Sheva, 30km east of Gaza.

Other finds are embarrassing for Israel’s security services. They show the extent of the training that went into the operation, which apparently went unnoticed. Photographs from a laptop show the “Hamas Navy Seal Unit”: armed divers practising a landing on the Gaza coast. A unit of this sort was involved in attacks on the Israeli coast.

A speech given by a unit commander to his men before the ­attack was found. It used high-flown, religious and inflammatory language to encourage the fighters, including orders to “cut off heads and chop livers”.

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Article source: The Australian/ The Times | Richard Spencer | 6.12.23

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