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Israel-Hamas war updates: Troops capture more than 100 terrorists

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11 December 2023, Herald Sun

A group of more than 100 Hamas terrorists were stripped to their underwear by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) after surrendering their weapons in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, according to a video posted by an Israeli broadcaster.

Local media outlets shared the video of the men standing in line across a rubble-strewn street in Jabalya as IDF soldiers pointed automatic weapons on them and ordered them to drop their own weapons.

One man then gives his assault rifle to Israeli troops with his hands in the air, while others behind him hold up their identification cards.

“Slowly, slowly,” an IDF soldier tells the man holding the gun as he walks barefoot over rubble next to an Israeli tank.

“In Shejaiya and Jabalya, terrorists who surrendered handed over weapons and equipment,” said IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the Times of Israel reported, adding that many of the men told Israeli forces that Hamas leadership underground “does not care about the public in Gaza who are above ground”.

Israeli military officials claimed that Hamas militants had been surrendering close to Gaza City in the heavily bombed Shejaiya and Jabalya neighbourhoods.

Officials alleged that the terror operatives had lost contact with Hamas leadership who are believed to have fled south and had no option but to capitulate to Israeli forces.

Rear Admiral Hagari said that interrogations of the captured operatives already provided valuable intelligence for the Israeli military and “aids us in operational activities.”

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