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Perils of speaking out & Reduced to tears

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Perils of speaking out

Antony Loewenstein has given us a comprehensive analysis of the dangers of advocating justice in Palestine (Good Weekend, 13/5). I thank him for speaking out amidst the flood of criticism and vitriol that he receives. All of us who advocate for Palestine must be prepared to be falsely accused of antisemitism by the Zionist lobby, but the greatest hatred seems to be directed at fellow Jews.

Calling for an end to Israeli human rights abuses is not antisemitic, but humanitarian. I am deeply saddened by the inhumanity shown by the Israeli regime towards Palestine and its indigenous people. It is truly a case of the abused becoming the abusers.

Lorel Thomas, Blackburn South

Reduced to tears

Antony Loewenstein’s article filled me with strong emotions which reduced me to tears. First, there was awe at the courage of the man speaking out and incurring the wrath of his fellow Jews. Second, there was sadness as he recounted the persecution of Jews, in Europe, from the 1930s, and now, the occupation of Palestinian homes and land by the State of Israel. Next was fear for the future of our world in the face of growing totalitarianism in many countries.

His plea was for open and honest discussion by and with ‘‘the Jewish establishment’’ in Australia, which he says remains resolutely Zionist. The previous time Loewenstein wrote in this newspaper, I lamented the deafening silence that followed.

In light of so many citizens of Israel conducting ongoing protests against their government’s moves to hobble their judiciary, we can only hope that this will inspire the local Jewish communities, who have contributed so much to Australia, to take up Loewenstein’s challenge.

Vince Corbett, Essendon

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Article source: The Age Letters | Lorel Thomas & Vince Corbett | 15.5.23

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