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Our support of Jewish women since October 7 is long overdue

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6 December 2023, The Australian, Letters

On Tuesday, close to 1000 women in Melbourne stood in solidarity with the women and girls brutally violated, murdered and taken hostage by Hamas on October 7. Many women’s organisations and feminists have remained silent or tried to contextualise it despite their mantra to believe all women and there being no excuse for sexual violence. There is no excuse, nor context, nor justification. We believe and support our Israeli sisters.

I challenge them to do the same.

Liora Miller, Malvern, Vic


What have Jews done to deserve the hatred and disdain they see and feel daily around them in Australia (Letters, 5/12)? The answer is nothing. On the contrary, our Jewish citizens deserve only praise and respect from their fellow Australians. Please do not interpret criticism of the government of Israel and/or the Israel Defence Forces with anti- Semitism. The latter is rightly condemned by the great majority of Australians.

Martin O’Hare, Farrer, ACT


Your eloquent correspondent, D. Wolpert, asks what Jews have done to deserve the growing hatred and disdain they “see and feel daily” (Letters, 5/12). As a non-Jew, I can only answer “nothing”, unless you decide that the ability of Jewish people to survive, prosper and contribute significantly to the wider community while maintaining their Jewish cultural and religious traditions is a valid reason for contemporary anti-Semitism.

Helen Jackson, Higgins, ACT

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