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Israel to Demolish Family Houses of Two Palestinians Killed in Jenin

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Ahmed Ayman Ibrahim Abed, 23, and Abdul Rahman Hani Subhi Abed, 22, were killed by Israeli forces near Jenin.

Israeli authorities are set to raze the family houses of two Palestinians who were killed at a checkpoint outside Jenin, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Hani Abed said that he was informed of the occupation authorities’ decision to tear down the houses of Ahmed and Abdulrahman Abed.

Ahmed, 23, and Abdulrahman, 22, were two cousins from Kafr Dan. They were killed after they carried out a shooting at Jalama military checkpoint.

The attack resulted in the death of an Israeli soldier on September 14.

Abed added that the demolition of the two houses, which occupy an area of 250 square meters, would be carried out within the coming four days.

Israeli forces have already ransacked the houses and took measurements to map out them in preparation for the demolition.

The policy of house demolition was widely condemned by human rights groups as “a collective punishment” and “a war crime and crime against humanity”.



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Article source: The Palestine Chronicle

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