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Hamas Fans Are Saluting a Hitlerian Horror Show

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5 December 2023, Adelaide Advertiser, by Tim Blair

Hindsight creates heroes. Millions of them, every day. Looking back, we can never imagine ourselves – our sophisticated, educated, sensitive selves – ever being on the wrong side of history.

We’d have known better, for example, than to intervene many decades ago in Aboriginal communities. While removing children from fraught circumstances was the politically correct thing to do back in the day, we would have seen right through it and denounced those evil child-rescuing churches and welfare groups for their obvious racism.

If we were in the US during the Civil War, we’d obviously have been on the anti-slavery side. In fact, because our historical distance graces us with such extraordinary powers of community resistance, we’d have been on the anti-slavery team even if born and raised in the South.

History is easy to get right if you weren’t in it. It was a little more difficult for the people who lived through those times and made decisions without hindsight’s clarity.

Those who got things wrong end up in history’s calamity file, alongside the likes of British prime minister Neville Chamberlain, who famously announced following his 1938 meeting with Adolf Hitler: “A British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.”

Then followed the deadliest conflict in history. Great call, Neville.

Two years before Chamberlain’s disastrous proclamation, a lone German showed the way.

US author Isabel Wilkerson beautifully described his solitary defiance, captured in a celebrated 1936 photo, in her recent book Caste: “He is surrounded by fellow citizens caught under the spell of the Nazis. He keeps his arms folded to his chest, as the stiff palms of the others hover just inches from him.

“He alone is refusing to salute. He is the one man standing against the tide. Looking back from our vantage point, he is the only person in the entire scene who is on the right side of history.

“Everyone around him is tragically, fatefully, categorically wrong.

“In that moment, only he could see it. His name is believed to have been August Landmesser.

“At the time, he could not have known the murderous path the hysteria around him would lead to. But he had already seen enough to reject it.”

Some background: one year prior, Landmesser had proposed to his Jewish girlfriend, Irma Eckler. Their marriage was cruelly disallowed by Nazi authorities.

On seeing his image, most of us will reflexively identify with Landmesser. How could we not? He’s visibly opposing one of history’s most evil regimes. He shuns Hitler.

But consider how many throughout the allegedly civilised and enlightened West now identify more closely with those surrounding Landmesser. Consider how many either quietly condone or loudly support the murder of Jews by Nazi-oriented Hamas lunatics.

Examples of enthusiastic support are sickeningly numerous and frequent. Relatives of Israelis currently held hostage by Hamas were last week relocated to a police station after pro-Hamas activists gathered to chant and jeer inside the relatives’ Melbourne hotel.

Just imagine that: your child or parent or sister is held captive by rapists and murderers, so protesters make you their target. We know what side these people are on, and it isn’t the side of August Landmesser.

As US commentator Stephen Miller observes every time new evidence of Hamas’s bestial atrocities emerges, if protesters will march for this, “they will march for anything”.

They certainly will. Since October 7, pro-Palestinian groups united behind the hateful slogan of “By any means necessary” have demonstrated in favour of sexual torture, infant beheadings and family incinerations. They’ve been given a historical opportunity to pick the right side and they’ve gone with the Nazis instead.

And they don’t have the excuse of ignorance. We’ve all seen terrifying October 7 footage, much of it shot by Hamas terrorists themselves. But when pro-Palestinian types see that footage, they don’t recoil. Rather, they metaphorically salute.

And when they hear in detail what happened at that music festival on October 7, it still doesn’t incline them to recalibrate their Hamas encouragement.

“It was all an apocalypse of bodies,” a first responder’s chilling account revealed last week.

“Girls without clothes, slaughtered people, decapitated. There were girls there who just broke their pelvis because they were raped. They were in terrible positions.”

History is always easy in hindsight. But it isn’t difficult to be on the right side in 2023. Just reject the murder of Jews. It’s worked before.

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Article source: Adelaide Advertiser | Tim Blair | 5.12.23

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