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Condemn horrors of Hamas, says Biden

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7 December 2023, The Australian

Joe Biden has demanded global condemnation of “horrific” sexual violence by Hamas during the October 7 attacks and on Israeli hostages, as further evidence emerges of rape and mutilation.

The US President’s comments follow claims of a muted response from civil rights groups and international agencies.

On Wednesday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had “heard heart-rending stories, of hunger and thirst” as well as “about cases of sexual abuse and cruel rapes”.

He slammed international women’s and human rights organisations for what he said was their silence on the issue.

“Where the hell are you?” Mr Netanyahu said.

His comments were echoed by Mr Biden. “The world can’t just look away at what’s going on,” the President said in Boston.

“It’s on all of us – government, international organisations, civil society and businesses – to forcefully condemn the sexual violence of Hamas terrorists without equivocation.

“Survivors and witnesses of the attacks have shared the horrific accounts of unimaginable cruelty. Hamas terrorists inflicting as much pain and suffering on women and girls as possible and then murdering them – it is appalling.”

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Article source: The Australian | 7.12.23

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