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Bring ABC to heel

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31 December 2023, Herald-Sun, Letters

Bring ABC to heel

It’s incomprehensible the ABC’s pandering to TikTok with presenters pumping out anti-Israel propaganda (SHS, 24/12), advocating a boycott of Israeli businesses, and even hero worship of anti-Jewish Greens leader Adam Bandt as Jesus is sacrilege.

The clock should be running down on this platform with their pro-Palestine bias and most importantly the risk they pose to our country’s national security that prompted a ban on its use on government devices.

Our state-owned broadcaster is effectively selling out editorial control, to maximise its reach, effectively handing it to an arm of the Chinese communist government.

Is it too much to hope that our government will step in, with its spineless weak position on the Gaza war so far, to bring our ABC to heel?

Beth Ward, Yarra Glen


Council overreach

I recently visited Glenroy library to take out some light reading for the Christmas break.

While there, I noticed a temporary section displaying stories and pictures of Palestine and flags reading “Free Palestine”.

While I feel terribly sad about the tragedy that is unfolding in Gaza and pray for an extended ceasefire, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of a similar showcase about Israel.

Merribek Council again appears to have decided on foreign policy for all its constituents as it presumes to know my mind. Regardless of opinion, local councils are not a forum for international policy debate and local libraries need to be nonpartisan.

We, after all, laud ourselves on our much-vaunted multiculturalism.

Catherine Duncan, Glenroy


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