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Author claims to be victim after her latest outburst

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Palestinian author Susan Abulhawa, who is set to appear at Adelaide Festival Writers’ Week, has claimed she has been subjected to a “smear campaign” after calling a Jewish-American civilian killed in Israel “human garbage”.

As the festival’s artistic director Ruth MacKenzie welcomed Premier Peter Malinauskas’s decision not to cut funding for Writers’ Week over the novelist’s attendance, Abulhawa continued her controversial Twitter comments.

Elan Ganeles, 26, was ambushed and shot near the Dead Sea on Monday while visiting Israel for a friend’s wedding.

“Privileged white man leaves US to violently colonise another people, gets killed by the people he’s robbing & oppressing,” Abulhawa tweeted on Tuesday.

“And y’all are upset over this human garbage.” On Friday, Abulhawa re-posted her remarks, saying they had been used to continue an attack on her.

“This post has gotten a lot of attention to bolster the smear campaign against me,” she said. “Palestinians are literally the only people in the world who are expected to sympathise with (or even love) those who kill, rob, maim and destroy our families, our lives, and our country. I do not.” Meanwhile, Ms Mackenzie said she welcomed the Premier’s remarks that he considered withdrawing funding for Writers’ Week, but that he had decided against it.

“I have to applaud the Premier for the honesty and transparency with which he has shared his journey on this,” she said.

“I love him for saying this, and of course, I agree with his conclusion.” Ms Mackenzie said that she doubted Mr Malinauskas had the time to read 158 authors’ books to decide which of them should be invited to Writers’ Week.

“He is right to come to the conclusion that you have to trust the curators…” Defending the decision to invite Abulhawa, she said: “This is a complicated world”.

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Article source: Adelaide Advertiser | Patrick McDonald |4 March 2023

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