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Angry Call To Sack PM

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7 December 2023, Herald-Sun & Daily Telegraph, by Charles Miranda

Recently released hostages have clashed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a fiery meeting, demanding more be done to release those still held captive.

Some hostages and their families stormed out when Mr Netanyahu said there was little that could be done for the remaining hostages right now.

“There is no possibility right now to bring everyone home. Can anyone really imagine that if that was an option, anyone would refuse it?” Mr Netanyahu said, with the Times of Israel reporting the statement was met with “outrage” and some walking out.

Mr Netanyahu told the group it was not him who ceased the negotiations, it was Hamas which made demands “even you would not accept”.

He was accused of lying and responded: “What I’m saying are clear facts. I’m telling you things, I respect you too much. I have heard you, the stirring of your hearts”.

Reuven Yablonka, the father of hostage Hanan Yablonka who is still held captive, said there were a lot of people livid at the meeting.

“There was chaos and yelling. They shouted that they want all the hostages to come home. The female (freed) captives talked about unpleasant things that happened to them,” he said.

According to the Hostages and Missing Families Forum umbrella group, it was a difficult conversation with Cabinet ministers hearing for the first time from hostages about mental and physical abuse.

Sharon Cunio, who was released her with three-year-old twins Yuli and Emma, was forced to leave husband and father David behind. She said the Israel Defence Forces claimed to have intelligence of where the hostages were but they (hostages) were being bombed every day with their lives in the balance.

“You are putting politics above returning the hostages,” Mrs Cunio reportedly said.

“You think the men are strong? It’s too hard for them. Bring them all home … don’t wait another month or another year.”

Other aggrieved supporters abused Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, accusing him of preparing to sacrifice the lives of hostages for his own career and those of his war cabinet.

Meanwhile the head of Israel’s Health Ministry has said Israeli hostages were drugged by Hamas before they were released to make them appear “calm and happy”.

Dr Hagar Mizrahi said the freed hostages were given Clonazepam, s normally prescribed to prevent and treat anxiety disorders.

The fight comes as there are fresh fears for the hostages with reports the IDF is planning to flood Hamas tunnels with seawater to drive them into the open.

Given some of the released hostages have said they were held five storeys underground, the plan could well end up drowning hostages as well as Hamas terrorists.

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Article source: Herald-Sun & Daily Telegraph | Charles Miranda | 7.12.23

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