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A Deal to Help Hamas Hostages

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14 January 2024, Sunday Telegraph

Gaza: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said yesterday a deal had been negotiated with Qatar to get medicines through to hostages still being held in Gaza.

Earlier this week, Israeli campaign group Hostages and Missing Families Forum released a report saying the captives were in poor health, some with complex illnesses, others with injuries.

The medicines deal “will allow the entry of medicines for the hostages held by the Hamas terrorist organisation in Gaza”, Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

Israel meanwhile criticised the UN human rights office for not reiterating its calls for the release of the hostages in a statement marking the looming 100th day of the conflict.

“A call for a ceasefire, without demanding the release of our hostages and the disarming of Hamas, is a call for terrorism to win,” its office in Geneva said.

The Gaza Strip went dark yesterday, after all power and internet connection was cut, following air strikes and an artillery bombardment.

In central Gaza, a lack of fuel forced the shutdown of the main generator of Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir el-Balah, the health ministry said.

The Israeli military said it had killed seven “terrorists” in a strike in Khan Yunis and a further 20 in the Maghazi area to the north.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces “neutralised” three militants after they attacked a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank yesterday, the army said.

The military said in a statement there had been a “terrorist infiltration” in the Adora settlement, some 20km west of Hebron city, and soldiers had come under fire.

The soldiers searched the area and “three assailants were identified and neutralised by the security forces”, the statements aid.

Israeli emergency medical service Magen David Adom said its team was treating a man who was shot in the leg.

Palestinian officials have not yet commented on the ­incident. Since the war in Gaza broke out, violence in the West Bank has also surged.

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Article source: Sunday Telegraph | 14 January 2024

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